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I Truly Care About Your Health

Understanding nutritional needs as well as lifestyle can be confusing with so many diets, fads, and internet articles.  I will guide you in how to choose the best foods for your needs and understand why. I offer classes for various stages of life because our bodies do change. Pregnancy, children, adults and seniors all have specific requirements. Holistic health coaching means that together we explore all areas of your life, including your lifestyle choices, exercise and activity levels, your attitude and mental health, as well as nutritional needs.  Whether you choose one on one coaching or group classes, together we can explore science and evidence based healthy choices.  


Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis use is growing fast, yet the education on how to safely adapt it into one's lifestyle isn't mainstream in most areas. I am one of the many cannabis patients whose lives was dramatically changed after the health care system failed. Since January 2017 I have dedicated my life to the study of this herb and the process of preparing it to be used as medicine, including growing. Online "schools" are popping up everywhere to "certify" cannabis coaches and quite honestly, this worries me. Basic knowledge and facts on the endocannabinoid system that are being taught are very necessary, but only with hands on and personal experience can one instruct with integrity and authority. I am truly excited to be able to instruct others who may feel lost in this advertising filled market, to gain the knowledge to make wise choices from my knowledge and experience. From CBD to THC, terpenes to tinctures, we can partner together for your cannabis journey. I am also happy to work along with any of your doctors as well. 


About My Coaching Practice

I'm Penelope, a Master Certified Health and Wellness Coach.  I have many years of private healthcare experience and training in motivational interviewing, compassionate communication and appreciative inquiry as well as nutrition and cannabis wellness. What does all that really mean for you? As a coach, I'm able to instruct you when needed but more importantly I am your partner and guide. I am here to listen to your needs and reflect them back to you in a way that can encourage and excite you about making changes in your life. Your autonomy is always priority.  I offer a safe place for you to discuss your struggles, fears, needs and even your dreams for the future. With evidence based techniques and tools we can set up achievable goals together that you can be proud of. 

Consultations are always free and thanks to technology we can meet in person or face to face through our computers or phones.  I can't wait to meet you!

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